Sports and Dance Injuries

Movement is medicine, and if you don’t move it you lose it .

Our team of exercise physiologists can assist you with specific strengthening and conditioning programmes to help you achieve your physical best. We have a strength and conditioning studio at our facility in Nudgee Road Ascot and access to a hydrotherapy pool in Lancaster Road, Ascot.

Conditions include:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Injury recovery 
  • Surgical recovery 
  • Bone density loading programmes 
  • Metabolic conditions like Diabetes conditioning
  • Parkinson’s disease exercise programmes 
  • Other neurological conditions 
  • Cardiovascular rehabilitation 
  • Kidney conditions
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Respiratory and pulmonary conditions 
  • Mental health programmes 
  • Sports performance programmes 
  • Individualised strength and conditioning programmes 

Clinical research has shown that these pathologies respond well to exercise therapy and improve a client’s clinical status. Our Exercise Physiologists: - Todd, Lauren and Holly will explain your condition educate you about its management  and get you on to the road to health with an exercise programme that suits you.

We are NDIS approved providers so our EPs can assist clients with exercise for their specific needs and goal setting.

Our EPs are also covered by EPCs (Medicare), DVA, Workcover and Private health funds (check with your fund)


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