Sports Injury Physiotherapy

We have experienced staff to ensure that you receive effective state of the art treatment and return to your sport as quickly as possible.

We have 2 Titled Sports physiotherapists on staff. Jenny Birckel and Andrea Maude who have a wealth of experience in a large range of sports. Jenny worked with men’s and women’s rugby (Australian women’s team including travel to New Zealand, HongKong and Holland), soccer, netball, dance, gymnastics, ice skating and was a volunteer at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney working predominantly at sailing.

Andrea was a volunteer physiotherapist at both Sydney Olympics (working predominantly with the beach volleyball) and Athens Olympics (based at the athletes' village). She has also worked and travelled with the Australian Men's Hockey Team and the AIS Men's Hockey Development Squad as well as the Victorian Boys U15 Hockey Team.

All our physiotherapists continue to receive ongoing education and are up to date with the latest in Sports Injury management. .


Acute injuries

Sports injury physiotherapy treatment will consist of

  • Listening to your account of the injury to develop an understanding of causative
    factors, type and severity
  • A thorough assessment of the extent of your injury.
  • Hands-on acute soft injury management
  • Taping and bracing if required
  • Exercise management advice
  • Graded strengthening programmes to progress you back to full strength and
    endurance for a return to competition.
  • Liaising with your coach regarding return to sports progressions.  


Sports Surgical Recovery

We can provide hands on therapy and definitive rehabilitation programmes for: -

Knees- ACL repair / reconstruction

Shoulders -Rotator Cuff Tendon repair

  • Sub-Acromial Decompression
  • SLAP repair
  • Shoulder replacement

Ankles –Achilles repair

  • Foot and ankle fracture fixation
  • Ankle Stabilistation
  • Ligament repair
  • Tendon reconstruction

Hip - Arthroscopic surgery

  • Hip replacements and resurfacing

Spinal surgeries


Chronic ongoing injuries

These usually occur because of one or more factors like technique, training schedule, and muscle imbalance, tight muscles, weak muscles or faulty biomechanics.

We endeavour to target the underlying cause of your injury rather than just patching up the pain and not really getting to the root cause of the problem. We will endeavour to identify contributing issues and devise a treatment and management plan to resolve your issues.


Injury rehabilitation

This involves far more than just getting treatment and getting over the pain. It is imperative that strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and joint/muscleproprioception is restored so you can safely return to sport. We will give you guidance as to how much training you can do as your injury improves, what strengthening and stretching exercises you should be doing on a daily basis and liaise with your coach regarding a return to sport progression.

With well equipped Clinical Pilates exercise studios and a gym at Ascot our physiotherapy staff can design client specific strengthening rehabilitation that can be safely commenced early in your rehab phase.

We help you to achieve

  • Correct muscle activation and efficient movement patterns
  • Core stability and strength through the shoulder girdle, trunk and pelvis
  • Whole body flexibility and mobility
  • Specific post injury rehabilitation and return to sport
  • Sport specific training to enhance performance
  • Strengthening and flexibility to manage chronic neck and back pain


Bike assessments

Chronic tendon injuries plague many athletes undertaking heavy training schedules and can put you out of sport for many months.



Chronic tendon injuries plague many athletes undertaking heavy training schedules and can put you out of sport for many months.

This new technology assists in accelerating the healing response at cell level. Once your pain is starting to dissipate from this treatment we can assist you with strengthening and advice about the probable cause of your tendinopathy and devise strategies to avoid a recurrence. Read more


Dry needling (Western acupuncture)

Our staff are all trained in dry needling and can use this as part of your treatment.


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