Dance Physiotherapy

We have a great team of physios with many years of experience in dance to keep you on your toes.

Dance assessments

A detailed assessment at any age will identify strength and flexibility issues that could be contributing to poor performance or injury. After the assessment we design a home programme so you can strengthen specific weaknesses and elevate your performance. We can also design you a specific strengthening programme in our Pilates studio on our Reformers, Trap tables and Wunda chairs where our instructors will help you focus on achieving your dance strength goals.

Pre-pointe assessments

Going en Pointé is a big step in a young dancer’s career. We assess young dancers proceeding to pointé to determine not only if their feet are strong enough for pointe but also if their bodies are strong and stable so the feet aren’t overloaded by weakness further up the chain, especially in the core and pelvis. A home programme will be prescribed so you can achieve the strength you need for the transition to pointe.

Dance injury treatment

Our experience gives us extra insight into dance injuries, their immediate treatment and the recovery pathway from injury back to full dance performance.

Dance Pilates

Pilates has been the strengthening exercise of choice for many dancers wanting to perform at their best for many years. The founder of Pilates was Joseph Pilates and he worked with the New York dancers and famous choreographers of his time so dance technique was incorporated into his exercises. We can design you an individualised programme for performance enhancement or to rehabilitate you fully from injury.

Our dance physiotherapy team

Jenny Birckel- started working with QDSE in 1990 and performed pre- entry assessments and treatments for over 15 years. She also had a clinic in the Australian Dance Performance Institute where assessments and treating dancers was a regular event.

Lyndon Evans danced and went on to study dance at QUT before he decided that physiotherapy would be his career choice.

Belinda Burton juggles being a physiotherapist with still being actively involved in Musical theatre with recent performances in Les Miserable and now gearing up for her next big role (TBA).

Jo Kaigin has many years of experience treating and assessing sports and dance injuries.

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