Bone density strengthening programs

Agility Physiotherapy and Pilates is now a registered provider for the Onero bone loading program

Onero™ is a high intensity resistance and impact exercise program to strengthen bone and muscle. The program is especially designed for people with low bone mass.
Onero™ must be supervised by an accredited ONERO™ practitioner (physiotherapist or exercise physiologist) to ensure it is delivered safely. Tim has undertaken this training and assessments for clients entering this program and will be undertaking assessments to get clients set up with the weights that are suitable for them in the exercise sessions.
Onero™ is an evidence-based exercise program developed from the LIFTMOR study, conducted at Griffith University under the supervision of Professor Belinda Beck, and recently published in the Journal of Bone Mineral Research (2018). Since 2015, Onero™ has been implemented at The Bone Clinic in six south-east Queensland locations.
Ongoing data collection indicates that Onero™ increases bone mass, improves posture and decreases falls in clinic patients. Results show that 86% of patients increased bone mass at the lumbar spine and 69% of patients increased bone mass at the hip. Those results were presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research in Montreal (2018).

  • All participants will need an initial assessment
  • The ideal commitment is for 12 months with
  • 2 sessions per week required to gain optimal results
  • We can work with your endocrinologist and GP