Clinical Pilates therapy

Pilates exercises have been used for many decades to assist injured people recovering from injuries. Joseph Pilates, the founder of this unique exercise equipment was a pioneer of rehabilitation and worked with dancers and with people with complex injuries.

The secret to effective Pilates exercises is client specific assessments to determine what the client requires and to hatch a plan of progressive exercises to help the client reach their goals. Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists with their university background in movement therapy and exercise together with specific Clinical Pilates training are well equipped to design and implement a Pilates programme that is client specific and effective. Agility physiotherapy has a long pedigree with Pilates therapy. The business being established over 17 years ago. Its founder Jenny Birckel has been delivering Pilates training to physiotherapists and exercise physiologists around Australia for over 15 years.

We have 2 beautiful Pilates studios equipped with Reformers, Trap tables and Wunda chairs that offer clients both resistance and support for their movement therapy sessions.

We welcome NDIS clients who want to participate in Clinical Pilates training to assist their physical outcomes and meet their goals.

We provide:

One on one exercise sessions with one of our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists.

Small group classes with a therapist supervising for clients who are progressing well with individual sessions and want to stretch their NDIS dollar further and enjoy the comraderie of a group class.