Exercise Physiology

Exercise is medicine, and if you don’t use it, you lose it. 

Exercise physiologists are university trained in the science of exercise so they can provide you with client specific strengthening and conditioning program to help you achieve your physical best 

Our exercise physiologists Todd, Tim, Trinity and Ella can assist you in your recovery for a wide range of conditions, including neurological conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, autoimmune diseases, cancer, metabolic disorders, and mental health; exercise is often the very best management for them all.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, improve aerobic capacity, strengthen, improve your balance, reduce pain, reduce muscle tightness or spasm, be more functional in daily tasks, or reach overall improved mental health and well-being, our team will have great options for you.

MOVE BETTER AND FEEL BETTER  – Get one of our EPs to design you a safe effective exercise management plan from some of our many exercise options 

We have a strength and conditioning rehab gym at our facility in Nudgee Road, Ascot, where our AEPs can work with you to improve your function and strength. To name a few, we have machines such as the Cable Machine, Smith Machine, treadmill, stationary bikes (both upright and recumbent), and squat rack. Our approach utilises functional movements to improve the ease of performing everyday tasks. We do this incrementally by using the principle of progressive overload within an evidence-based practice model. 

Join us for a gym group circuit class designed and delivered by our exercise physiologists

Kinetic Link training is an individualized strengthening program whereby every exercise is completed in sets of 90 seconds on with a 60 second break in between each set. This circuit class is all in standing and squatting positions for functional fitness. KLT involves upper and lower body coordination in complex and multiplanar movements. Key principles include time under tension, stability, technique, progressive overload, and balance. 

Our exercise physiologists are fully trained in equipment and Matwork Pilates in addition to resistance training. This type of individualized exercise shows improvements in a wide variety of clients from strength for footballers to flexibility in gymnasts/dancers and anyone else who would like to isolate even those smaller deeper muscles that can be hard to challenge in other forms of exercise. In the studio you may see people from 12 to 90+ years of age, all doing completely tailored programs fit for them!

We conduct Hydrotherapy classes, and one on one sessions at Ascot Aquatics Centre in Lancaster Road, Ascot, and at the Colmslie pool. Hydrotherapy is a great way to recover from surgery, especially joint replacements and orthopedic procedures. Its assists in maintenance of mobility and strength for arthritis and autoimmune conditions.

Fitness programs in the pool are also a great way to start your exercise journey, especially if joint or back pain is stopping you from exercising. 

Research is showing that PD can be slowed down with aerobic exercise and exercises that  integrate large and dynamic movement patterns. Rewire neural pathways through exercise physiology, to help manage Parkinson’s Disease and its symptoms including tremors, imbalance and stiffness. We have group exercise classes, one on one sessions and hydrotherapy for PD clients. 

If you can’t get out to see us, we can come to see you and give you home based exercises from the comfort of your own home. This will show you how to self-manage in a way that most other settings cannot as we demonstrate how you can use your own home environment for beneficial exercise. Typically, these are targeted well at improving activities of daily living. 

Small group classes can make your NDIS budget  or normal budget go further with wonderful additional benefits of a more social motivational setting. 

Exercise is an essential component of the management of diabetes. Its often difficult to be self- motivated about exercising. Come and join our group exercise classes run by our exercise physiologists. A GP Management Plan can get you started in these classes. 


Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists: – Todd, and Tim will explain your condition, educate you on its management and assist you in your personal health journey to achieve your goals.

We are NDIS approved providers so our AEP’s can assist clients with individual or group exercise for your specific needs and improve your quality of life. 

Our AEP services are also covered by GPMP (Medicare care plans), DVA, Workcover, CTP and Private health funds

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