KLT - Kinetic Link Training


KLT Training

Bring your strength and body balance training to a new level with our strength circuit classes.

KLT is a precise and comprehensive full-body functional strength and conditioning training system. KLT involves using the arms and legs together in whole body exercise positions with controlled movement.

All the exercises are in standing while the participant pulls or pushes cables attached to weights, resistance bands lifts dumb bells and perform lunges and squats with the legs.

KLT, like Pilates makes many muscles work together in a functional way. In KLT training you will learn to master biomechanically balanced exercises and challenge the core and stabilizing muscles.

The KLT class is run as a circuit class. There are many reps of exercises in a class and you are sure to have a sore butt after!

Unlike high intensity circuit exercise classes each rep of an exercise is controlled and slower. That precision of movement makes it more challenging.


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