Pilates for wellness

Pilates for Wellness

No injuries, but you want:

  • Better posture
  • Better mobility  
  • Better balance
  • Deep core strength
  • Mobility and flexibility

Join some of our non-clinical classes to improve your wellness.

These classes are run by our Pilates trained instructors (no health fund rebate).

Power Pilates -Group Equipment Pilates classes

No injuries but you want to improve your core strength, posture, flexibility and balance.  Come and join these classes with one of our experienced instructors and work on Reformers, Trap tables ( Cadillacs) and the Wunda chair. No pre-assessment required.

Pilates Matwork – offers a great workout and is conducted as a group class by one of our instructors. See our timetable for session times.

Bones and balance classes

These are group classes for the older client who wants to maintain flexibility and tone and stay on their feet. Gentle bone loading will also be included.

Small apparatus like Swiss balls and Bosus will be included in the class to add a challenge and especially focus on balance.

Senior Reformer classes

These classes are conducted on the Reformer with resistance to help enhance strength and some gentle bone loading. Exercises are suitable for over 50s with the classes designed by our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

Pilates stretch and tone class

Feeling tight? This class is dedicated to stretching and mobility with some strength work included

Barre Pilates classes

Up the tempo with Agility Barre classes. These classes are a mix of Pilates, Ballet and aerobics and are designed for a great work out with plenty of leg and butt burn.

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