Seniors Exercise Classes

The recent royal commission into aging found one of the important contributions to physical decline in the aging population is lack of exercise. This included regular  exercise incorporating balance and strengthening elements. It’s exclusion due to inactivity had a big impact on the health, balance and strength of the elderly and it recommended that steps needed to be taken to remedy this situation. 

Don’t say you are too old for exercise. 

“The only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do.”


We can help you with Seniors exercise programmes which includes 

  • Group exercises classes – Pilates equipment circuit for seniors 
    • Bones and balance group class
    • GLA:D programme for hip and knee arthritis
    • KLT training – standing weights work to enhance balance and strength
  • One on one advice about appropriate exercise for your current state of fitness (or not so fit) and one on one sessions.
  • Healthy Bone clinic consultations for Osteoporosis 
  • Clinical Pilates 
  • Gym strengthening programmes 
  • Hydrotherapy for painful conditions and weaknesses


Other Services